Hygiene Growth Roadmap

This service analyzes the five key areas of a hygiene department: perio percentage, supply and demand, service mix, recare and scheduling and profitability. The report will tell you just where your hygiene team stands in each area and specific strategies for improvement. This report alone can create a roadmap for growth for a team with very strong leadership and implementation skills. It may also be a stepping stone toward the “Elevate” and/or the “Kick Start” programs.

What you’ll get:

  • One 60 minute web meeting to perform the Virtual Chart Audit to analyze your hygiene department’s effectiveness in the areas of perio charting, documentation, diagnosis and treatment planning
  • 3-5 page report that closely analyzes the 5 key areas of your hygiene department:
  • Hygiene Supply and Demand
  • Recare and Scheduling
  • Perio Awareness
  • Service Mix
  • Profitability
  • 6-10 action steps that you can implement immediately to make major changes
  • One 60-minute phone session to review the report and share suggested action steps
  • Fee may be applied toward the “Elevate” or the “Kick Start” programs if agreement is signed within 30 days of the Analysis review call


If you are interested in ordering the Hygiene Growth Roadmap for multiple locations, please schedule a discovery call for custom pricing.