Want a roadmap to hygiene growth?


For 16 years, we’ve been showing practice owners where the opportunity is to grow their hygiene department…ethically, rapidly and with support of your team. Sometimes they do it on their own. Sometimes they work with us to accomplish it.

In March, we are offering our Hygiene Growth Roadmap process at a special rate.

This process repeatedly identifies $100k-500k in growth opportunity that doesn’t involve selling a bunch of crazy products or pushing patients into treatment they don’t need.

The investment to identify a minimum of $100k growth is $1800 (usually $2100) for the month of March.

If we don’t identify at least $100k in growth potential, it won’t cost you a dime.

Why not reach out and talk with us about it? Email Clients@inspiredhygiene.com or call 704-5410-0995. We’re here for you.

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