Looking to pump up profit from the hygiene department while providing outstanding patient care?

Today’s dental teams struggle with feelings of career burn out, helplessness to affect positive change, frustration due to under-trained teams and lack of support by practice leadership.

Our speakers’ presentations share clear systems and protocols for transforming the hygiene department into a thriving part of the business that serves both patients and practice through high quality service and profitability.

  • Improve Practice Communication
  • Reduce Open Time
  • Increase Co-Diagnosis
  • Healthier Patients
  • Renewed energy in the business
  • More efficient, effective doctor-hygiene exams

Learn how we can inspire YOUR dental teams!

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Rachel Wall, RDH, BS
Speaker Packet
Emme Sanders, RDH
Speaker Packet
Kathryn Gilliam, BA, RDH, MAAOSH
Speaker Packet
Alicia Murria, RDH, MS
Speaker Packet


Our speakers are active clinicians who share with their audiences the specific technology and tools they use frequently.

Suggested Audiences

Dentists, hygienists, office administrators or full team

Suggested Formats

Full- or half-day, lecture, workshop, keynote

Partial List of Past Clients

  • RDH Under One Roof
  • Seattle Study Club
  • Oklahoma Dental Hygiene Association
  • Star of the South Dental Conference
  • Hinman Dental Conference
  • Nations Capital Dental Conference
  • California Dental Association
  • Chicago Mid Winter
  • Utah Dental Hygiene Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Woody Oakes’ Excellence in Dentistry
  • The Productive Dentist Academy
  • Alabama Dental Association
  • Association of Dental Managers
  • Big Apple Dental Conference
  • The Speaking Consulting Network
  • ADHA Annual Session
  • The American Assoc. of Orthodontists Annual Session
  • Greater New York Dental Meeting
  • Michigan Dental Association
  • South Carolina Dental Association
  • Michigan Dental Hygiene Association
  • North Carolina Dental Hygiene Association
  • European American Dental Hygiene Association


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