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“I wanted to thank you again for everything that you provided to our office during our time together. Your support tools and hands-on time with our staff really helped us move forward during this process and we are super excited with how far we have come since our initial visit. You brought us valuable dental “tools” and provided many unique ways to improve our efficiency, productivity and communication throughout our office. The value of your service well exceeded our expectations!!”

Bethany & Don Fortner – Salisbury, NC



“We love the Hygiene Profits Mastermind calls and have implemented about 3-4 ideas. I like the fact that the calls appeal to not only Hygienists but the business owner and front office as well. Keep up the good work!”

Maryann Bateman – Charlotte, NC


“We have certainly enjoyed working with you. You have moved us in the right direction and we could not have done this without you. I certainly plan to recommend your program to several colleagues as I know that you can help their offices as you have helped mine. THANK YOU!”

Dr. Eddie Pafford – Lawrenceville, GA

“A BIG Thank You to Inspired Hygiene. This is the second time we have hired Rachel and the amazing team and again, they did not disappoint. We had some some turn over in our team over the last 8 years as does everyone in our industry. With Emme’s help, we had everyone back on the same page in a short time. Emme was wealth of knowledge and easy to learn with. Her on site visits are the most useful things you can do. I highly recommend Inspired Hygiene.”

Dr. Ken Moore – Bloomington, IN

“I am a member of the Virtual Study Club with AADOM. Rachel Wall was a guest speaker this past summer on one of our webinars. I was so excited after listening to her speak about how we can create a more profitable hygiene team. I brought it to Dr. Sadler’s attention to get his approval to purchase her Quick Start CD series. Now each week our entire team blocks one hour of time for an education hour to listen to this CD series. Since then we have realized how valuable it is to put more focus on perio with our patients, and also realized how much free dentistry we have been giving away through the years by overlooking the patients’ perio needs. I can’t tell you enough in words how our production numbers have risen since we implemented Rachel’s CD. We listened to the program, implemented our action plan, and made the change! Thank you Rachel with Inspired Hygiene!”

Deanna Alexander, FAADOM Office Manager for Dr. Daniel R. Sadler – East Lansing, MI


“I have never asked for a raise in the 23 years I have worked with my employer… I do not want a raise unless my employer thinks I have earned it! In the end numbers don’t lie… I LOVE Rachel Wall’s Hygiene Compensation Sheet.If your hygienist needs help to increase her production numbers check out Rachel Wall’s Profitable Perio Online Workshop. We did this online workshop in January of this year and we have had the best two quarters ever in hygiene in regards to production, perio percentage and reduction in open time! Rachel’s program is easy to implement and you will see results immediately plus the trackers and tools make the hygienist accountable.”

Sarah Hollister, RDH – Oswego, IL


“Before working with Rachel, our hygiene team was doing well. We had an above average perio percentage and were moving along. I knew it was time to take it to the next level and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve taken our perio percentage to well over 40%, our hygiene production has increased over $40/hour and our patients are getting dramatic results from the new perio protocols and services we’re now providing. I truly believe in everything we’ve learned through Rachel and the difference it’s making for our patients and our practice.”Dr. Tanya Brown – Chesapeake, VA


“Just wanted to let you know how much my staff and I loved the webinar series. Probably some of the best CE we have had in a long time. We learned a lot of new information and got refreshed on some older information. However, the best thing about it for me was being energized and seeing some newfound excitement and pride in the eyes of my 2 wonderful hygienists. We are looking forward to more of your webinars in the future!”Amy Coeler, DDS – Lemoore, CA


“Rachel’s analysis of our hygiene department delivered way more than we expected. She gave us a detailed report that identified the potential for growth in our hygiene department. The report gave us numbers that reveal where we are now and what’s possible in the future as well as specific action steps to get there. We now have concrete evidence to show the team that it’s time to take action and the analysis will be our roadmap to take our hygiene department to the next level.”Dr. Kyle Bess and Dr. Don Shaw – Beaumont, TX


“I highly recommend Rachel and Allison of Inspired Hygiene. Our overall practice production has increased 20% each year for the last 2 years since Allison’s training visit. She helped us increase the number of LANAP cases we’re performing and my entire team is on the same page with regard to LANAP enrollment, support and patient education.”Dr. John McAllister – Downey, CA


“Before working with Rachel, we didn’t have a clear system for enrolling and treating patients with periodontal disease. I had seen our perio percentage drop every year for 3 years and I knew it was time to do something. We have a great team and needed new perio information and systems. Despite a very busy hygiene schedule and economic challenges in our community, we tripled our perio percentage and our hygienist’s hourly production increased by over $60/hour! And all of this occurred within 3 months of Rachel’s first visit. We were surprised at how easily our patients accepted treatment when we had the specific skills to educate and enroll them. And we’ve seen dramatic improvements in our patients’ overall health! As a result, we are being recognized by the local medical community with referrals and requests for consultations. I strongly recommend Rachel Wall and Inspired Hygiene’s programs!”Dr. Mark Braydich – Hubbard, OH


“My staff has enjoyed the High Performance Perio Webinar program and it has inspired them to raise-the-bar even higher.I give HPP a raving endorsement!”Dr. Daniel Woodson – Forest Hill, CA


“Inspired Hygiene’s coaching program has motivated my hygiene team to a new level of performance. This is the best consulting money I have ever spent, I recouped my investment in 4-5 weeks!”Dr. HR Culp – High Point, NC


“Rachel Wall is one of the leading hygiene business development coaches in the country. Her ‘real-world’ clinical skills, combined with an understanding of profitability, provide doctors with the practical solutions needed to develop a quality hygiene department.”Vicki McManus, RDH – President of Productive Dentist Academy – Anacortes, WA


“We’ve only been open 2 ½ months but with the education we received during the High Performance Perio course, our perio percentage is already over 50%!”Dr. Howie Polansky – Austin, TX


“We are so excited by the results we’ve seen after just the first three weeks into your High Performance Perio Course. The content of the course and the quality of the speakers are outstanding. We are happy to recommend this course and your coaching to any dental team that wants to step up and take their practice to the next level.”Kathryn Gilliam, RDH for Michael McCulloch, DDS – Katy, TX


“I just wanted to say “Thank You” for all of your great info. I have been through many training sessions in my 15 years of dental experience. I really appreciate someone who can come into an office with a positive outlook and tons of usable information including the tools and documents for implementation. You are an absolutely wonderful trainer and I hope to work with you again.”Karen Sheeks, Office Manager Dr. Euse – Carson City, NV


“The HPP webinar series is outstanding! The information is invaluable and presented in a way that is to-the-point. Any practice can implement what they learn right away.”

Kathy Cigno, Office Manager – Cigno Dental, Greendale, WI


“Dear Rachel and Patti, I wanted to let you know how I have enjoyed the HPP seminar these last six weeks. I am a single mom and had to give up volunteering in my son’s classroom to attend. This made me a bit apprehensive of the project at first. Boy am I glad to have made the choice.I have been a Hygienist for 10 years and have worked in several different offices. I currently work in 2. I have always felt that the hygiene department at Dr. Woodson’s office has been aggressive and beneficial to our patients. Through this course we were able to quantify what we have been doing. I think the first thing that struck us was how well we were doing with an average 25% perio program! We also have been able to identify what we are doing right…it was nice to know. On the other hand, the information provided has given us a path in which to proceed so we can better serve our patients. The information from Dr. Nagelberg was amazing! We are excited to share this information with our patients and it has created a new fire in me to learn more…something that was waning in the past.

I look forward to our continued success in providing our patients with the best care and growing our hygiene department as we move forward as a team. Thank you!”

Marci LaPointe-Seifert, RDH Dr. Woodson – Forest Hill, CA


“We had Rachel and Allison from Inspired Hygiene come to the office on January 10th and 11th for the beginning of our 6 month consulting package. They were fantastic. I can’t say enough about them. They really help us clearly define our perio protocols in regards to sc/rp and LANAP. Over the next 3 weeks my hygiene department diagnosed $90K in perio. As you can imagine, I am extremely pleased. Other than attending PDA, Inspired Hygiene has BY FAR been the best consulting experience that I have had. Easily worth every penny!”

Dr. John Eaton – Beaver Dam, WI


“Thank you, Rachel, for your professionalism, your ability to quickly identify better solutions and your ability to communicate and encourage us toward excellence. We now feel much more organized, professional and competent as we deliver comprehensive, thoroughly compassionate, necessary and therapeutic care to our patients.There is almost not one week that passes without a potential dilemma answered with the prefix of “Well, Rachel said…” (You are now a household name in our office). Our patients have noticed and commented on the increased care they now receive. Our eyes have been opened to possibilities we would have never seen or noticed before.”

Mary Lou, RDH Dr. Michael Kuzma – Wilmington, NC


“There is no one quite like Rachel. She has outstanding clinical knowledge and the heart to connect with staff and patients. With help from Rachel, we have doubled the productivity of our hygiene department.”Dr. Theresa Robinson – Chapel Hill, NC


“Rachel Wall is the hygiene consultant who makes the best better! Many practices do a good job of retaining patients and providing an acceptable standard of care……The clients I’ve referred to specialist, Rachel Wall, RDH for observation and evaluation, bring all hygiene skills to the 21st century level. They had no idea there was such room for growth. Dentists and their entire team appreciate Rachel’s down to earth approach of making their hygiene department a true patient-centered passive income center.”Linda Miles, CEO Linda Miles and Associates – Virginia Beach, VA