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Do you want to finally have a solid periodontal diagnosis and treatment protocol but you’re not sure how to create that?

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The Key to developing a periodontal protocol that actually stays in place AND improves patient outcomes is adopting a Healthcare Provider Mindset + Implementing Clear Systems…

Go from being afraid to tell patients they have periodontal disease to feeling empowered to present ideal care and have patients say Yes!

Stop allowing a patient’s insurance benefits to alter the treatment you recommend

Start leveraging the knowledge this course provides to empower your team to provide treatment that is in your patient’s best interest AND increase hygiene profitability

What if at the end of this program you have the tools to accomplish all this?


“We have a large practice and the Perio Bootcamp helped us not only calibrate our hygiene team but it helped us calibrate the doctors as well. Our perio percentage has increased across all providers and we really enjoyed discussing the sessions and implementing what we learned right away.”

Dr. Michelle B. Asselin, DDS, FAGD,FACD,FICD
Fresno, CA

“The Perio Protocol Online Bootcamp is outstanding, invaluable and one of the best programs our office has ever done. Any practice can implement what they learn right away.”

Kathy Cigno, Practice Administrator
Greenfield, WI

“Our practice first worked with Inspired Hygiene nearly 10 years ago. The PPOB was an impactful first step in developing our periodontal protocol and it has grown from there. As we have added new hygienists to our team, watching these webinars is part of our onboarding process and a great way to introduce our perio program to new team members.”

Laura Woyciesjes, RDH
Milford, CT

“Inspired Hygiene’s Perio Protocol Bootcamp was a powerful first step in elevating periodontal care and consistency across our locations. Our teams doubled the amount of periodontal therapy delivered in just a few months after starting the Bootcamp and continue to build on that foundation.”

Dr. Stephanie Raynor, DMD
Keene, NH



Your hygiene team is stuck in the ‘prophy trap’

You know you should be doing more for your patients but you're not sure where to start

You’ve tried to create a perio program in the past and it never sticks

There are multiple hygienists + doctors in your practice and you want consistent diagnosis and treatment between providers

You want science-based education to develop your own perio protocol

You want to increase hygiene production by adding high level services


Upon completion of the Assisted Hygiene Online Bootcamp, attendees will...

  • Understand what Assisted Hygiene is and what is isn’t
  • Gain ideas for new products and services to add to your hygiene schedule to improve patient outcomes and increase productivity
  • Identify strategies for managing your hygiene schedule to accommodate more patients while maintaining or increasing your current level of care
  • Implement a system to increase hygiene productivity while taking outstanding care of your patients
  • Learn how to effectively onboard a dental hygiene assistant based on practice needs
  • Recognize old beliefs and limiting mindsets that might be holding you or your team back from increasing hygiene productivity by utilizing an assistant
  • Discover your own ‘why’ to keep you committed to increasing your level of care, capacity and productivity in the hygiene department
  • Initiate changes to more efficiently schedule to optimize capabilities of all team members
  • Learn key phrases, tips and scripts to most effectively communicate with patients and team members
  • Discover how using an assisted hygiene model for patient care could increase full office productivity, patient appreciation for care, team member satisfaction all while providing exemplary care


  • Scripts and verbal communication skills for team members
  • Options for the type of assisted hygiene scheduling for your office success
  • Set yourself up for success by controlling your time instead of letting it control YOU
  • Overcome the fear of “assisted hygiene” and provide superior patient-centered care
  • Empower team members to utilize their skills and expertise
  • Utilize a standard of care document allowing all team members to treat your patients based on your principles and philosophies
  • Calibrate your team for accuracy and confidence.

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Inspired Hygiene
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6/1/2022 to 5/31/2026
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