A little inspiration from California


By now we all know the power of positive thinking and proactive behavior!  Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”  Having a can do attitude is the very first step when endeavoring to make a change.

This high performing team from California certainly thought they could and they were right!  From the moment their first two days of training were over they set their intentions for practice wide change and positive patient response.

What has impressed me the most with this group is watching proactive team members take the lead.  Everyone on the team has stepped up to the plate and taken the lead in one way or another with the result being successful implementation.

Take a moment to appreciate their success and ask yourself if there is a way you could be more proactive in your practice?  Is there an area in your practice where you could lead the way?

Great leaders pull, rather than push!

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the ‘high energy’ team at Hillsdale Family Dental!

With coaching and full support from their great leadership team in just 3 ½ months this amazing team has:

  • More than tripled the amount of perio therapy performed
  • Incorporated the use of locally applied antibiotics comprehensively to 9x greater than the previous year
  • Increased hygiene production by an average of $50/hour/RDH
  • Refined verbal skills, treatment planning and enrollment within a large team including 3 doctors and 5 hygienists
  • Enrolled an average of 4k/day in restorative out of hygiene
  • Added additional hygiene days and a hygiene assistant (they love you Hector!)

Stay Inspired,

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