Are You Struggling Inside and Out?


I know what you’re thinking…’Rachel went to some kooky Mindset retreat and now she’s going to try and teach us all this stuff’. And it’s true, I did go to a 3-day Mindset retreat and while it wasn’t the first time I’ve heard all this, it blows me away how these concepts translate into every business, even a dental practice.

Here we are with our business coach and mentor, Fabienne Fredrickson at the retreat earlier this week. Read on to find how what you believe on the inside TOTALLY effects how you communicate with patients.

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Are You Struggling Inside AND Out??
You’ve heard me talk before about the critical task of ‘Finding Your Why’. In fact, I have an entire course I teach on the concept of finding the deep down reason why you recommend a power brush over a manual brush, just for example. Or why you recommend perio therapy rather than a prophy when you see active infection.

The next step is to clear up any internal struggles you have with the treatment you recommend. One of the concepts we learned at the Mindset Retreat is this:

If there’s a struggle on the inside, there’s always a struggle on the outside.

So how does this translate to you as a dentist, hygienist or office manager? If you have a struggle on the inside with the cost of a procedure or you’re just not sure it’s necessary, there will always be a struggle recommending and enrolling it.

So if you have an internal conflict about the value of a crown, you may know in your head that it’s a valuable procedure but in your heart you may still think ‘why can’t we just do a filling that would last awhile and cost a lot less’. You’re not alone.

My advice is that you MUST find out the answers to those internal questions. You must get the information you need to resolve that internal struggle. Because if you don’t believe in the care you’re recommending, your patients won’t believe in it either.

If it’s an operative procedure, sit down with your doctor and have her explain to you why a crown is a better treatment than a large filling in that situation. If you’re a doctor, be sure you’re taking photos during the prep for all restorations. This will give your team a good, hard look at what’s really going on under that big, old filling. They can then see exactly how much decay is under it and how much tooth structure is gone which will give them the strong evidence needed to see why you recommend a crown.

And this is just one example. The same can be true for perio therapy, use of antibiotics with SRP, etc.

So the bottom line is, if you’re feeling an internal struggle when you are expected to recommend a certain service or procedure, find out what it is you need to resolve that. What do you need to know to totally believe in the value (monetary and health value) in that service! Until you do, your enrollment may be a struggle.

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