Do You Really Treat Your Patients Like They Are Family?


Most of us truly believe that what sets us apart as GREAT hygienists, dentists and health care providers to our patients is that we treat them like they are family. I am sure you would also agree that sometimes either the emotional strings we attach to KNOWING our patients like family or the fear of being the bearer of bad news could keep us from consistent quality diagnosis.

I challenge you to think honestly about what if…..What if the patient you have been providing service to for years had to visit another dentist? What would the new dental provider say about the care they are seeing for the first time in this (new) patient’s mouth? What would they relay about the care you provided them?

Recently, I shared with a group of dental colleagues an experience I had with a patient from the past. An experience I had early in my career taught me what caring for my beloved patients aka FAMILY MEMBERS, REALLY looks like.

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