Here’s the Secret to a Successful and Happy Practice…


How many of the team members reading this article have only worked in one office? How many Drs. reading this article only know what happens in the microcosm of their practice?

I’m guessing many of you fall into this category? As practice coaches, we have the unique ability to see things through an objective set of eyes – as outsiders, we usually see something great in our clients that they don’t see in themselves.

Last week, I worked with a new client and I couldn’t help but take a moment to provide them with perspective. I saw something great in them that they didn’t necessarily see in themselves and I had to take a moment to tell them.

Whether the practice is basic or high-tech, rural or metropolitan, one thing remains consistent…

The most successful and happy practices have a Dr. and team equally committed to doing whatever it takes to provide care that is in the best interest of the patient.

Dr. Brown is steadfast in his commitment to providing compassionate care; always keeping the best interest of the patient at the forefront of everything he does. This, in turn, has inspired his team to have that same level of compassionate commitment. And, with the recent addition of his son, Dr. Jake to the practice, the potential for growth for this great office is limitless.

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