It’s ok to be skeptical


In our speaking programs and private coaching, we always tell the teams we’re working with that it’s ok to be skeptical. There’s a difference between being skeptical and being resistant.

Being resistant means you’re not willing to change the way you’ve always done things and you’re not willing to be flexible. Even when there’s a good reason to change.

Being skeptical means that you may be flexible and open to change but you need more information. Often, being skeptical is a GOOD sign that you’re passionate about what you believe in. Maybe you believe in the science that supports how you’ve done things for years and you’re wondering if the new science is really true.

Being skeptical means that you want to dig deep to examine what you really believe about how you care for patients day in and day out and WHY. It means you’re ENGAGED in your career and your responsibility to your patients. This is GOOD.

In today’s ‘Inspiring Teams’ video, you’ll see that their hygienists were skeptical at first about taking their care to the next level. It’s because they care deeply about their patients and their practice and want to always do the right thing.

And sometimes that means getting out of your comfort zone. 🙂

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