Numbers can be boring…but we’re not…


I’ll be the first to admit it. I was not a good math student. In fact, that’s one reason I chose to apply to hygiene school. Little did I know I’d be the ‘numbers queen’ of Inspired Hygiene, Inc.

But I did like statistics in college and these days, I spend a lot of time analyzing our clients’ trackers to identify areas they can refine in their scheduling techniques, perio enrollment language and risk assessment skills. What I’ve discovered is…


In fact, here’s a photo to prove to you that we have fun in our workshops with private clients, even when we’re talking about numbers.

Once I realized that numbers tell a story about what’s happening in a practice, I could easily relate simple benchmarks to quickly determine the effectiveness and potential growth of a hygiene department.

Now it’s time to share these benchmarks with you! This will be a fast-paced, fun tele-class. Join Stacy and me as we share with you how to see the story your numbers are revealing to you. Don’t miss it!


“Hygiene Numbers and the Story They Tell”
With Rachel Wall and Stacy McCauley

Practice statistics tell a story about the success and opportunities that exist in your practice. The same is true for the hygiene department. Learning to analyze a few key indicators within the hygiene department will reveal areas of potential growth and improvement as well as allow you to celebrate what you’re doing well!

During this tele-class, Rachel and Stacy will look at several key statistics of the hygiene department that can either make or break hygiene department profitability.

  • Key benchmarks to look for regarding hygiene production and compensation
  • The financial impact of no shows, last minute cancellations, and unscheduled time in hygiene? Broken schedules can break your practice
  • How to find ways to get to the next level even when you’re doing really well

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