Plan for Success in 2011


Join us for the January Hygiene Profits Mastermind Call on Thursday, January 20 at 1pm.

Plan for Success

Everyone wants to start the year strong and improve on last year’s results. But do you know what you should be striving for? While every practice is unique, there are benchmarks for hygiene productivity and service. Knowing and understanding these benchmarks allow you to set goals that are attainable and yet a stretch from what you’ve done in the past. On this call, I’ll share:

  • Specific benchmarks for hygiene profitability including what numbers to consider when calculating this for your hygiene department
  • How to set goals that excite your team rather than weigh them down
  • Benchmarks for open time and specific services and how to find out where you stand
  • Some specific strategies to help get from where you are today to where you want to be in the areas of perio awareness, scheduling and open time and restorative co-diagnosis

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