So where do the dental assistants fit in?


We get this question all the time from our private clients and Mastermind members… ‘so where do our dental assistants fit in here?’.  Our articles and training videos speak to the doctor, the hygienist and the office manager but admittedly, our programs are not specifically geared to speak to dental assistants.

But what we’ve found is that the dental assistants that do participate in our online and private coaching programs gain a lot of knowledge and confidence not only in educating their patients with periodontal disease but also in being able to more fully assist the doc and hygiene team in the diagnostic and enrollment process for all treatment.

That’s easy for me to say, right? I want you to hear it directly from a real-life dental assistant. So…

We have a short video in today’s feature for you. See how she feels she’s grown as a result of IH training.

Before the workshop day Jill wondered ‘What does this training have to do with me…why do I have to be here?’

After the training she gained:

  • Confidence in talking with patients about their dental and overall health
  • Knowledge of specific systemic connections and how SHE personally can make a difference in her patients overall health
  • The feeling that she’s an integral part in growing the practice (and the hygiene department) by supporting doc and hygiene’s treatment recommendations
  • Excitement to have a new set of tools to better communicate with her patients

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