The Critical Role of Nutrition in Dentistry


All I can say is ‘whew’. What a busy week! It all started with a busy and very productive hygiene day on Monday, then we began our online perio workshop on Tuesday and then I visited one of my fabulous clients in Atlanta for a private workshop day. They are taking it to the next level and I’ll be featuring their success very soon!

So today I’m driving home and then catching up on reports for clients and some new articles. I hope you’re having a great week!

We have a great Mastermind call coming up in March.  If you’re not part of the Hygiene Profits Mastermind group, I invite you to try it free for 2 months.  Go to for all of the details.  Here’s what’s coming in March:

“The Critical Role of Nutrition in Dentistry – What you must know and share with your patients” with special guest Dr. Jason Luchtefeld

As we strive to step up as true healthcare providers, dental professionals must understand the role nutrition plays in the oral-systemic link, the development and treatment of periodontal disease and caries control. On this fast-paced CE tele-class my special guest Dr. Jason Luchtefeld will give us an update on what we need to know about nutrition. He’ll share:

  • The basics of how nutrition affects oral health and what we must share with our patients
  • Role of nutrition in caries control-it’s more than just soda and candy
  • The difference between nutrition and eating habits
  • Role of nutrition in perio disease onset, healing and maintenance
  • How poor nutrition increases perio risk
I hope you’ll join us!
Stay Inspired,

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