Think Outside the Box with the Use of Ultrasonics


When I went to hygiene school, I was given training on ultrasonic use for calculus removal. If I had a patient with class IV or V calculus, I was given permission to use the cavitron to remove his or her calculus. Once I had done that, I would have to stop and take the unit back to where it lived in the clinic and then use my hand instruments to disrupt the plaque.

Back in the 1980’s when I was in hygiene school, that was the mindset many of us were taught. Moving forward 35+ years that simply DOES NOT hold true any longer, it probably didn’t even back then. So, if you and/or any of your hygiene team members are still STUCK in that mindset, I want to challenge you to take just a few minutes to watch my video on thinking outside the box and start using your ultrasonic as your ‘go to’ tool for effective calculus and BIOFILM removal!

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