Trait #6 – Rock Star Hygienists believe in and utilize clear, written systems and protocols


Rock Star Hygienist Trait #6 – Rock Star Hygienists believe in and utilize clear, written systems and protocols

The most talented hygienists can underperform if they are working in what we call “no man’s land.”  This means, they’re working in a constant grey area where they must make judgment calls about disease diagnosis, treatment plans, etc. solely based on gut instinct or the patient’s insurance plan.  When we leave diagnosis and treatment planning up to those factors, inconsistencies arise and our standard of care is often compromised. And by the way, when your hygiene team is all over the place with recommendations it is frustrating for them and does not allow them to perform at their highest level clinically and production suffers because the path of least resistance is to do the prophy and move on.

Getting your hygiene team calibrated and following the same format for the hygiene exam is the first step in creating consistency between hygienists. And even if you only have one hygienist in your practice, knowing that he/she is consistently performing certain steps in the exam will help make the doctor exam so much more efficient AND effective.

I want to share with you our Ultimate Hygiene Exam System. Not only will this help you with the hygiene exam process but will also give you an example of what it looks like to create a system for the hygiene department.

We enjoy helping our clients develop a Hygiene Operations and Systems Manual and the exam is one of the first pieces. So go to and download your copy.

This may seem basic but when you agree as a hygiene team to perform certain steps with every patient, this is a HUGE step to increasing consistency and profitability.

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