Treating Periodontal Disease at its Earliest Stage!


Have you ever wondered why some of our patients don’t take their own oral health seriously? Ever frustrated with all of the time and effort spent explaining, educating and even sometimes shaming our patients into being more proactive with good homecare and regular hygiene visits to just fall on deaf ears? You may not like what I am about to suggest but, could it be that WE don’t take treatinggingivitis, the “Gate Keeper” to periodontitis seriously enough ourselves? Often we wait until the disease has reached the incurable stage of periodontitis, to recommend non-surgical therapy? If we continue to treat bleeding gums the same way appointment after appointment, how could we ever expect our patient’s behavior to change?

Watch my short video to learn some of the ‘ins and outs’ with recommending and providing Gingival Therapy. Recognizing and treating gingivitis different is truly treating periodontal disease at its earliest stage!

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