[Video Tip] How does color help them say yes?


This week, I’ve had the privilege of learning from Katherine Eitel-Belt the found of Lioness Learning. Over the last 8+ years, Katherine has played an integral part in the training effectiveness of the entire IH team. We all incorporate interactive training techniques to help our audiences and clients take what they learn and make impactful, lasting shifts in their careers and practices.

Lioness Learning Level 2 with Katherine Eitel-Belt and some dear dental friends…
Left to right: Laura Jamison, Susan Leckowicz, Angela Sullivan, me, Rita Zamora, Larry Guzzardo, Jennifer Schultz, and Robyn Ramirez

I’ve attended both of these courses before but I came back for more because I know for a fact…we MUST do more than just talk at our clients.

And the same goes for you and your patients.

To get patients to easily accept treatment we must do more than just TELL them. We must show them.

In today’s video, I’ll share a super simple tip that we’ve seen make a BIG difference in perio case acceptance over and over with any type of practice. Enjoy!

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