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Artistic Smiles of Miami

With the strong yet gentle leadership style of Dr. Yon Elejabarrieta, he and his team at Artistic Smiles of Miami worked together to successfully implement the new services and systems that they had agreed to during our two-day workshops. They understood that in order to achieve the goals they set out to accomplish, they needed to DO two things: they each needed to make a personal commitment within themselves, and then also work together as a team in order to be successful.

Their appointments were booked 3-5 weeks out, but they had a very high last minute no shows and cancellations. Here’s how they improved quickly in this area:

  1. Implemented a priority care block schedule
  2. Created a priority care call list of patients waiting to get into the schedule that week
  3. Filled any appointments not confirmed within 24 hours with the patients from this list

This new process made it possible to get their high priority care patients from the waiting list into the schedule quickly. In the first month of implementation, they reduced their open time from 23% to 15%!

Having the whole team calibrated on the appointment flow not only increased productivity and treatment plan acceptance, but it helped decrease no shows due to a fully educated and informed patient.

Take a look at the growth within the hygiene department, led by the dedicated and hard work of the entire team over the past three months!

  • Perio percentage grew by 40%
  • Quads of active perio therapy grew by 39%
  • Perio maintenance grew by 27%
  • Sites of local antibiotic grew by 178%
  • Hygiene average production per day grew by 34%

So whenever I hear that old Will Smith song “Welcome to Miami” I smile with pride knowing there is “a whole lot of good things shaking” with the team at Artistic Smiles!

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