What I Learned from Linda Miles


Last week I had the privilege to speak at the Tennessee Dental Association annual session in Nashville. Keep a close eye on this meeting. They’re developing this as an up and coming regional meeting and if you haven’t been to Nashville, you are missing out. It is full of live music, great shopping and beautiful scenery. It’s one of my favorite towns.

While I was there I attended some great courses and got to visit with one of my mentors and friends, THE Linda Miles. I learn so much from her every time I hear her speak. One of the concepts I learned from Linda long ago is that your patients will never value the treatment you recommend unless YOU first value it. This fits perfectly with our Hygiene Profits Mastermind call coming up next week.  If you want your patients to see you as a true healthcare provider, you must first step into that role. What does that look like? Well, asking your diabetic patients to tell you their most recent HbA1c number is a great start. This lets them know you’re looking out for them-not just in their mouth but in their whole body. I hope you’ll join me for the call.

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